The Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, NC will be the permanent home of a new exhibit created by Bernie Taupin, entitled “He Will Set Your Fields on Fire”.
Taupin, a renowned visual artist as well as a legendary multi-award winning lyricist with musical co-writing partner, pop icon Elton John, visited the Scruggs Center November 7th for the opening of the exhibit. It includes a new piece of art from Bernie, created in honor of Earl Scruggs and his music, and a short film in which Taupin speaks of his love for what Scruggs accomplished with his banjo.

During the visit, he viewed his piece in its permanent location and met with guests and Center staff. Taupin said that there were “no words” to describe seeing his tribute on display in a museum dedicated to Earl Scruggs. Darin & Brooke Aldridge performed the song “He Will Set Your Fields On Fire” for Bernie and the guests. It was a great day in Cleveland County, NC and for the museum.Thanks to The Earl Scruggs Center and Daniel Coston for the pictures and capturing moments of this very special and historical day.