Digital Journal
Brooke Aldridge chatted with Digital Journal about her 2018 International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) win for “Female Vocalist of the Year.”

This was the second consecutive year that Aldridge took home the coveted award for “Female Vocalist of the Year.” “I was completely overwhelmed to receive the win for ‘Female Vocalist‘ again this year,” she said. “I never imagined that I would win it once much less a second time. It was a huge honor just to be in the running and category among women who I admire so greatly in this business and that I definitely look up to. It is also a great feeling to be recognized for doing what I love and have always loved since I was a little girl.”

This year, Aldridge was also nominated for the IBMA for “Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year.”

On her plans for the future, Aldridge said, “I honestly feel the possibilities are endless in what Darin and I can accomplish. We have worked extremely hard to get where we are and we will always continue to work extremely hard for what we get to do because it’s our passion.”

For her fans, she said, “I am extremely blessed and can’t thank God enough for all the people he’s brought into our lives. This award is for everyone who has ever been a part of our lives and for guiding us and wanting to see us do great things in our music. The list would be too long to name everyone. When something great happens to one of us in our band I feel we all share in it together because it’s a group effort. I am truly thankful to you our fans and friends who cheer us on in our music and make what we do worth every minute. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”